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Style up your bathrooms with new shower screen! If you are in the process of building or remodelling your home and bathrooms in any area of Melbourne, then we at Nino’s Glass recommend that you get a shower screen installed to give your bathrooms a more contemporary look. Shower screens are the ultimate solution to give your bathroom a touch of luxury and comfort. Easy to maintain and easy to clean, Nino’s Glass can manufacture and install a perfect shower screen for your bathrooms.

According to your personal style, taste and preferences, you can go for a fully framed, semi-framed, semi-frameless or a frameless glass shower screen.


Frameless shower screens rank highest in stylish designing and give the most luxurious and stylish look to your bathroom. Their clear lines give a clean and uncluttered look to the bathroom and definitely add value to your home. They are easy to clean because they allow no room for the dust to accumulate.


Semi-frameless shower screens offer a balance between fully framed and frameless shower screens. If you cannot decide whether to go for a fully framed or frameless design, feel safe to go with a semi-frameless shower screen option! They offer a good mixture of both styles; providing an elegance that a frameless shower screen offers and the structure that a fully framed one offers. Semi-frameless shower screens are good at reducing water leakage and giving an elegant look to your bathroom.

Fully framed shower screens offer structure and composure to your showering unit. The colour of the frame can be matched with other bathroom accessories to give it an overall uniform and organized look or you can use a complementary colour as a decorative technique.


Nino’s glass is an Australian family owned business with more than 30 years experience in the shower screen installation in Melbourne. We take pride in delivering the finest quality shower screens for your bathrooms that will be durable and long lasting. It will create an illusion of making your bathroom appear larger and more spacious, make your bathrooms look grander and luxurious and be custom made shower screens according to your requirements.

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